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Seasonal Cleaning Checklists for Every Business


Every business wants their place neat and clean in every season. Of course, there are different tasks that need to be performed in every season. There are different cleaning challenges and requirements in spring, winter, summer, and fall. A clean space is directly proportional to higher productivity and a healthy environment.

Harmony Clean has put together a checklist that a cleaning company can follow throughout the year.

Summer Cleaning Checklist

Summer cleaning. There are some special tasks that need to be done in summer. And remember, it is going to get warmer and warmer in the building if cleaning for summer is not organized properly.

  •  Window cleaning -Windows are the most important task that needs to be taken care of, especially in summer, to let natural light in. Natural light also works as a disinfectant. Studies show that buildings with natural light can improve the overall productivity of employees in business.
  • Window sealing – It’s time to scrub and clean window sealings. This can be done simply by using a dilution of soap and alcohol or window cleaning liquid. Scrub gently and use special window cleaning brushes, which are available in the market.
  • Clean the vents – vents are responsible for letting fresh air in and out. You need tools like a brush, scrubber, and a cloth. A simple task can improve the workplace and health.
  • Pressure washing – Pressure wash the decks or outside areas so they can receive sunlight throughout summer. Remove the grime and moss from pathways to avoid slips.
  • Develop a special checklist – Develop a special and standard cleaning checklist for each place, letting employees know where air vents, fans, windows, and everything else are listed so you don’t miss anything.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall cleaning. Fall and autumn are the same thing; don’t get confused. The season comes after summer and before winter. This is the time when trees start shedding their leaves, which is why it’s called fall. During this season, you are preparing for winter. Here are some special cleaning tasks that need to be performed.

  • Outside cleaning – Outside cleaning plays a big role in this because of leaves. This is a great time to trim the plants.
  •  Preparation – At this stage, you are preparing for cold winters. Spend some time organizing the outside area. 
  • Gutter cleaning – Get your gutters cleaned. Most importantly, hire a professional cleaning company as this work involves working at heights. 
  • Roof cleaning – Check if the roof needs to be cleaned as well. 
  • Chimney cleaning– If your building is old-style and has a chimney, get it cleaned as you may need fire throughout winter.
  • Inspect building maintenance – inspect the building for water leakage and for other repair tasks for Happy and healthy upcoming winters.

Winter Cleaning Checklist

Winter is the most important season from a cleaning perspective due to changes in temperature, humidity, and human behavior, such as spending more time indoors. This is the season when people easily catch colds, flus, and other respiratory illnesses. The risk of illnesses can be reduced with proper knowledge of winter cleaning tasks that you need to perform. And yes, there are special areas where you need to focus more.

– Use proper cleaning gloves; use disposable cleaning gloves for larger areas to avoid any contamination and transfer of viruses.

– Stock up on antivirus sprays and disinfectant sprays; stock up on cleaning cloths.

– Winter is a little different than other seasons; you need to perform tasks more frequently than in other seasons because of the danger of common colds and other viruses.

– In the office, it is good to clean the light switches, desktops, computer tops, and all those areas that are used and touched regularly should be wiped down.

– For window cleaning, nowadays you can use window defog equipment easily available in the market; this will keep windows clean and disinfected throughout winter.

– Consider using Anti-Fog Glass Treatment to eliminate fogging and steaming of interior glass and mirrors.

– Winter is the perfect time for carpet cleaning; if you have carpet in your office, steam floor cleaning will be helpful to remove allergens.

– Do not miss steam curtain cleaning; if you have blinds in the office, get them professionally cleaned.

– Other things to add to your list and pay attention to are oven cleaning, dishwasher deep cleaning, and all electronic appliances like coffee machines and stoves in office common areas should be deep cleaned before winter starts.

– A common question is how often you should take office cleaning in winter, and the common answer is:

  – 1 to 7 employees: Once a week

  – 7 to 14 employees: Twice a week

  – 14 to 28 employees: Daily

– Investing in cleaning during winter will certainly improve the mood of your employees and increase productivity.

In conclusion, winter demands extra attention to cleaning due to changes in weather and increased risk of illnesses. Regular cleaning tasks, such as wiping down surfaces and using proper cleaning products, can help prevent the spread of colds and flus. Focus on key areas like light switches and office equipment, and consider investing in professional services like carpet cleaning to maintain a healthy environment. By prioritizing cleanliness during winter, you can keep your workplace safe and boost employee morale and productivity.

Spring cleaning checklist

After a cold winter, we are now enjoying warmer and cozier spring weather. It’s time to put a smile on our faces and enjoy the outdoors by opening the windows and letting fresh air in. Let’s prepare for spring by completing our spring cleaning checklist. Cleaning is a never-ending task, which is why we have put together this step-by-step process.

Nowadays, offices have all the facilities that a home has because employers want to make the workplace feel like home. They include a full-size kitchen, bathroom, fancy toilets, dining and lounge areas, as well as extra features like conference rooms and meeting rooms.

We will start our cleaning from the kitchen because it is used by everyone and should be the first thing that a cleaner tackles.

Kitchen cleaning 

Start with the big appliances. Clean the oven using oven cleaner, which you can easily find in the market for $9 to $12. Just spray thoroughly and scrub the grill with steel wool, and use a scraper blade to clean the glass area. After spraying with soap, clean with water and a cloth. Now, just turn on the oven to 360 degrees for 15 minutes to heat it up. Take care with the chemicals, and now your oven is ready to go.

Use the same oven cleaner for your range hood and clean it from the inside. Another method is to soak the range hood grills in soapy water; all the oil absorbed by the grills will dissolve in soapy water. Then, just dry them out and put them back. This method is for those who want to avoid chemicals. Remember to use proper masks and gloves while performing these duties.

If you are eco-friendly, use a mixture of homemade cleaning solution to clean the dishwasher or clean the dishwasher filter. Pour two cups of vinegar into a bowl placed on the bottom rack of an otherwise empty dishwasher and run it on normal settings.

Now move onto the stove – use vinegar to clean it and sprinkle some baking soda. Let it soak for 5 minutes, then scrub and wipe with a normal cloth. Finally, put a little vinegar again and wipe with a microfiber cloth for a sparkling clean stove top.

Clean the utensil racks by taking out the utensils and cleaning the racks with vinegar or disinfectant. Wash the utensils again with hot water.

Divided storage and drawers are not easy to clean without the right tools, but with a small brush, vacuum, disinfectant spray, and microfiber cloth, this will not take long. Just scrub the corners with the brush, use the vacuum to suck it up, spray with disinfectant, and wipe it out.

Clean up all the lighting and do high dusting, clean the ceiling fans from top to bottom, and clean window tops.

Take out trash bins, clean them thoroughly, and disinfect them. Use vinegar spray if needed and remove any spots to make them look beautiful.

Clean the fridge and freezer area by turning off the fridge, spraying it with water, leaving it for 5 minutes, then wiping it. Water fridges are generally very easy to clean; you can take fridge shelves and drawers and put them in the dishwasher, and now they are good to go. Organize your fridge and keep loose food items within easy reach with our under shelf fridge drawer. Clean the kitchen sinks at the end. You can use products such as cleaning cream or Jif, baking soda is another eco-friendly option.

Other areas to cover in modern commercial kitchens are narrow pull-out drawers, pet-friendly kitchen cabinet features, wine refrigerator, steam oven, built-in refrigerator, double ovens, high-style faucet, island cooktop, commercial-style range, ample kitchen lighting, bar sink, trash and recycling, pot filler, microwave clean, and coffee bar.

In the end, move onto the floor, and if you are using a rug in the kitchen, take professional rug cleaning service, as it is recommended twice a year.
checklist for bathroom and toilet cleaning

In conclusion, modern offices are designed to resemble homes, offering full-size kitchens and other amenities. Starting cleaning with the kitchen is essential, focusing on big appliances like the oven. Using eco-friendly methods, such as homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar, ensures a safe and clean environment. Pay attention to detail, including utensil racks and divided storage drawers. Cleaning all areas thoroughly, from lighting fixtures to kitchen sinks, promotes hygiene and a pleasant workspace. Finally, professional rug cleaning services are recommended for maintaining cleanliness, reflecting the importance of a well-maintained office environment.