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How to Maintain a Spotless Reception Area

Maintain a Spotless Reception Area

Maintaining a spotless reception area is essential for any business. Here is the full guide.

Why maintain a spotless Reception area is important:
First impression is the last impression. A clean reception area will leave a positive impact on customers. People choose businesses with good customer waiting areas. People take businesses seriously. This attracts more customers. It boosts customer and receptionist mood. Happy and calm conversations reflect professionalism. Taking care of your reception area shows you take their business seriously.

A spotless reception area is a must for most businesses, like healthcare.

Here is the full guide on how to maintain a spotless reception area:

  1. Declutter the reception area: Allocate specific places for specific items. Use drawers. Train employees to put things where they belong.
  2. Food items: Ban any food items in the reception area to avoid food smells.
  3. Floor area: Customers judge cleanliness by clean corners. Vacuum or mop regularly to avoid dirt buildup.
  4. Add essential amenities: Install bins, tissue papers, water dispensers.
  5. Smell and music: Invest in natural smells and light, relaxing background music.
  6. Furniture choice: Install comfortable chairs or sofas. Do proper research on comfortable and posture-friendly furniture.
  7. Clean the bins: Regularly clean bins to avoid bad smells and bacteria buildup.
  8. Computer desk: Regularly sanitize keyboards and mice.
  9. Cleaning equipment: Keep cleaning liquid and microfiber cloth in reception area drawers.
  10. Door: Install automatic doors or keep manual door knobs clean.
  11. Entertainment: Put a TV or magazines in reception area for customers while they wait.
  12. Use air purifier: Use purifiers with HEPA filters to keep the air clean.
  13. Front entrance matting: Use office mats to keep the space clean.
  14. Window cleaning: Regularly clean windows for clear visibility.
  15. Company culture: Promote a neat and clean work culture.
  16. Indoor plants: Use indoor plants for a natural look.
  17. Lighting: Ensure lighting is neither too bright nor dull.
  18. Feedback: Take continuous feedback from customers.

Maintain a spotless reception area takes effort but positive customer experience will attract more customers and help achieve business goals. Consider hiring a cleaning company if needed.